The Roylab at Georgia Tech is seeking postdoctoral fellow(s) to work on an NIH U01 funded ImmunoEngineering project and NSF funded Immune Cell Manufacturing projects. The NIH project is focused on understanding how the immune system integrates multiple adjuvant signals when delivered through biomaterials and generates a combined systemic response. The ultimate goal is to developed more safe and potent vaccines – with a particular focus on universal flu vaccines. The NSF projects are focused on manufacturing and engineering of immune cells – specifically T and B cells for therapeutic applications. We are a diverse and inclusive laboratory with deep and broad expertise in biomaterials, ImmunoEngineering, and cell manufacturing. The postdoc(s) will benefit from a tremendous ecosystem that combines the resources of the new NSF ERC on Cell Manufacturing Technologies (CMaT,, the Marcus Center for Cell Characterization and Manufacturing (MC3M,, and the Center for ImmunoEngineering ( as well as facilities and resources of the Petit Institute for Bioengineering and Biosciences (

Engineers with experience in immunological research and immunologists seeking applied research opportunities are welcome to apply. Please send your CV and cover letter directly to Prof. Krishnendu Roy at